Married in San Francisco on Valentine's Day in 1985, Tom and Kathleen spent their early years teaching at university level for a decade before they met.  Since then,`they've built a reputation as world-class metalsmith/jewelers and created a full-time American Craft business that flourished nationally.  

In 1995 they were invited by Grovewood Gallery to become studio artists in the historic Biltmore Industries complex (now Grovewood Village) in Asheville .  In the last 22 years, they transitioned to exhibiting in local galleries, working in their studio showroom, and using technological innovations.

Tom and Kathleen incorporate their lifetime of good design - inspired by the natural environments and the world around them - into their series of earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and rings.

They make these unique, mixed metal pieces from sterling silver and 14k gold-fill as well as base metals like niobium, copper, bronze verdigris patina on bronze, or enamel.  They also have an extensive collection of silver and gold rings.